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WasteWise is a sustainable program created to educate organic waste producers about the issues surrounding foodwaste and the impacts this industry has on local communities and businesses alike.

It is important to understand the social responsibility that we all have as waste producers. Whether you are talking about foodwaste generated from a single family home or the amount of waste generated from a large business or community, it is crucial to understand the impacts of this waste.  For example, a positive impact may be the beneficial end use of the material and the allotment of the soil for gardens and farms. This is generally favorable in an area that does not have access to an abundance of organic waste.  A negative impact may be an overwhelming odor produced by a lack of technology and a poorly sited facility that is too close to residents and businesses. When this negativity (odours) is brought on to the community without choice, it is hard to facilitate additional recycling efforts and a lack of public support keeps the waste flowing to the landfills. Wastewise is now here to ensure that your waste will not end up stinking out residents, be used for growing lawns, or spread on a private ranch.

Proudly display this innovative programs logo on your menu, cash register, window or vehicle as a way to say that you are participating in a program that supports communities, sustainable recycling and local food production.