Our Strategy

Our excellent facility location provides the customer and/or community the peace of mind that your organics will be processed properly and will not produce any foul odours so as to negatively impact communities and businesses. With our proven technology and a great site buffer, we have not had one single odour complaint. We are proud of our successful and designated rezoning (R1 – Composting Operations) that will allow us to continue to grow and expand operations with confidence to 20,000 TPA and beyond.

It is our long term strategy to provide the sustainable option for communities, businesses and waste haulers to allocate the collected organic waste to a facility that has a focus on returning the nutrients to where it came from…FARMS! It’s your waste, it’s your choice.

Sea to Sky Soils does not dump the organic waste on private property to never be used by the public or partially consumed by livestock, nor do we spread the nutrients on the ground to grow lawn and grass. At SSS, we process the organic waste using proven technology and manufacture soils to be readily available and affordable for those that need it most….home gardeners and organic farmers.


Proven Results:

 The Gore Cover System results in more than a 97% reduction in odour concentrations without the need for bio-filters or expensive facility exhaust fans.

Due to the optimized biological process under the Gore Cover, accelerated High Rate Composting occurs resulting in much higher facility throughput. (400% higher than conventional windrow or up to 9 Tonne/m2 per year)

97 odour.png

Sea to Sky Soils has met all government regulations locally, provincially and federally and is in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Environmental Management Act including the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR). We have successfully passed all Ministry of the Environment and WorksafeBC audits and have been accepted into the Squamish Lillooet Regional District – Solid Waste Management Plan.” Please see –Environmental Experience- for more information on our experience in composting organic waste.