Sea to Sky Soils was recently successful in its bid to design build, own and operate a food, green and agricultural waste commercial composting facility for the Sea to Sky area. Our facility design utilizes an in-vessel design by placing the standard Gore Cover Processing Model inside of a building in order to help manage storm water and snowloads. Furthermore, through the use of waste heat energy recovery, this site will utilize the high temperatures experienced below our compost piles to provide heat to greenhouses or other agricultural initiatives, further improving the sustainability of the entire operation. Agricultural initiatives already started on site have always been a primary component of the site operations.


Development and History

  • 2011 – Present: Sea to Sky Soils (SSS) Team seeks support from community & local businesses.
  • Spring 2011: SSS presents to the RMOW council on solution to process food waste at our site and stop exportation of regional bio-solids +700km to the U.S.A. at high cost to taxpayer. Staff to consider use of SSS facility once a valid operating permit is obtained.
  • 2011 - 2012: Village of Pemberton finalizes Village boundary expansion to include the Rutherford Creek area. Successfully zoned R-1 (resource 1 ) with zoning text amendment listing ‘composting’ as a permitted industrial use.
  • Spring 2012: SSS partners with NZW on funding grant from the Certified Organic Association of B.C to showcase benefits of composting on organic food production.
  • July 2012: SSS team provides notice to operate to the Ministry of the Environment.
  • August 2012: Application to SLRD to be included in the Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Sept. 2012: SSS receives nutrient rich Ag. Feedstocks and commences soil manufacturing
  • Spring Summer 2013 – SLRD SWMP Review Completed / Ministry Audit Passed / Communication and Clarifications Provided to RMOW Staff (& other Communities in SLRD)
  • Fall 2013 – SSS recently received an approval letter from the Ministry of the Environment to be included in the SLRD – Solid Waste management Plan as a designated facility. This letter allows SSS to process organic waste generated from within Metro Vancouver and to actively pursue both municipal and commercial processing contracts.