Sea to Sky Soils was recently successful in its bid to design, build, own and operate a food, green and agricultural waste commercial composting facility for the Sea to Sky area.

Our facility design will utilize an in-vessel design by placing the standard Gore Cover Processing Model inside of a building . Our compost operation provides a significant opportunity for waste heat recovery, further improving the sustainability of all initiatives while encouraging the construction of greenhouses.


Development and History

  • 2011 – Present: Sea to Sky Soils (SSS) Team seeks support from community & local businesses.
  • Spring 2011: SSS presents to the RMOW council on solution to process food waste at our site and stop exportation of regional bio-solids +700km to the U.S.A. at high cost to taxpayer. Staff to consider use of SSS facility once a valid operating permit is obtained.
  • 2011 - 2012: Village of Pemberton finalizes Village boundary expansion to include the Rutherford Creek area. Successfully zoned R-1 (resource 1 ) with zoning text amendment listing ‘composting’ as a permitted industrial use.
  • Spring 2012: SSS partners with NZW on funding grant from the Certified Organic Association of B.C to showcase benefits of composting on organic food production.
  • July 2012: SSS team provides notice to operate to the Ministry of the Environment.
  • August 2012: Application to SLRD to be included in the Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Sept. 2012: SSS receives nutrient rich Ag. Feedstocks and commences soil manufacturing
  • Spring Summer 2013 – SLRD SWMP Review Completed / Ministry Audit Passed / Communication and Clarifications Provided to RMOW Staff (& other Communities in SLRD)