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Sea to Sky Soils is proud to offer customers nutrient rich, Class A compost products that meet and exceed all the standards set by federal and provincial government.  Our soils are regularly tested and consistently yield great results with high nutrient values, organic matter and a stable pH.

Our team has the ability to custom blend materials to make a soil product that is suitable for all of your food production and landscape needs.


Our most popular product is a premium top dress that provides plants with a boost of readily available nutrients while increasing the water holding capacity and organic matter in the native soils. This soil amendment is not mixed with sand or diluted with any other  product. We have received approval of this product with OMRI and PACS, which will make it an ideal product for Certified Organic farming and food production.


Our premium feedstock blend has been formulated to create an ideal compost for home gardeners and professionals alike. This natural product adds the nutrients required to ignite the growth of your most prized plants.


This product is mixed with a high percentage of sand and is an ideal for the construction or maintenance of home lawns and high traffic sports fields. 


We will proudly offer customers a variety of sand products ranging from a very finely screened products to more course, industrial grade materials.


We sell bails of Peat direct to the customer at a significant discount from most big box stores and nurseries alike. 


Sea to Sky Soils offers a variety of bark mulches for the creative home owner and the experienced landscape professional.



More Products are coming soon! Please keep checking our website for updates or call one of our experienced team members for more details.