We proudly provide services for metro Vancouver. With a new Sea to Sky Highway, no bridges, no tunnels, no rush hour.

An excellent solution for organic waste and composting. 


Sea to Sky Soils proudly offers an excellent organic waste processing site for much of Metro Vancouver. The approximately one billion dollar Sea to Sky Highway was built for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and now links Metro Vancouver to our compost facility. We offer communities and hauling companies a no bridge, no rush hour and no tunnel solution for the transportation of your organic waste. Our established partners provide sustainable synergies that will negate any additional GHG emissions through the effective use of a regular trucking backhaul. In fact, SSS will take trucks off the road that would normally bring fertilizers and manures up from the Fraser Valley to supply the landscape companies, home gardeners and farmers in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Now is the time to start composting in Metro Vancouver and it is important that you understand the lifecycle of the organic waste you produce. Many people are unaware of the surplus of organic wastes and soils in Metro Vancouver and the shortage of these nutrients in adjacent communities. This is a great opportunity to literally turn ones garbage into anothers gold.

In 2015, Metro Vancouver will implement an organics ban from the landfills and no foodwaste will allowed to be thrown in the garbage. Its important to initiate your new organic recycling program with confidence, pride and knowing that it will not negatively impact others.